Month 24: Woulda Coulda Shoulda

Just a quick post on hindsight.    I am hoping to use what I’ve learned in the past two years to help me do it all again with Bairn 2.   I can’t mimic a lifetime of knowledge gleaned from my culture, but I’ve done my best to pedal up that learning curve.   Hopefully, sharing of knowledge can give someone just starting the process a little boost or ideas.

  • Had I been smart thoughtful I would have converted my favorite onesies with just a simple pair of scissors:   Onesie Conversion
  • Had I known this existed and was probably available at a local Home Depot, I would have bought one a year ago! Thank you to the blog TumbleWee for the heads up:  Next Step Built in Potty Seat
  • I just love multi-taskers!  Here is a 3-in-1 potty from Europe. If it was sold in the states I’d own two maybe three.    Dot Pot
  • I feel vindicated!  I really want to pick the brain of a person who grew up immersed in pottying infants as a daily matter.  This is the next best thing!   A subscriber to my blog shared one of my posts (Thank you!)  and the pingback led me to this wonderful read on EC from China’s persepctive:   Born Ready Website  (China’s View)
  • I got a very good deal on discontinued Babylegs, but Babyleg legwarmers made from a dollar store scarf?  Who knew?:  Sew Babylegs from a Stretchy Scarf
  • And Good Golly Miss Molly adult knee socks are more versatile than I ever thought:   Babylegs from Socks Sew Version AND No-Sew Verson
  • Making split crotch pants was more work that I would want to do unless in one of my Crazy Crafting Episodes, but there is one for the sewers out there:    Three Seam Split Crotch Pants with Free Pattern   ETA 10/5  (This blogger makes a more Fitted Split Crotch Pant)
  • This little item, while not an essential, would be perfect for those people who frequent places with no facilities at all and/or who are not comfortable with dumping pee outside if they can help it and don’t want to use disposable potty bags and have to put poo in the trash:   My Carry Potty
  • I wish I had ordered these from day 1.  Finding small undies and trainers when I needed them was near to impossible.   Thanks pull-ups for hogging the market and killing in-store sales of cotton underpants for the under 1 and under 2 crowd:   Tiny Undies at the ECStore. (these are underwear not training pants!)
  • Red Gingham Disposable Table Covers.   Remember these picnic staples?   Who says it just has to be for tables right?   Looks like a great carpet protector to me for diaper free crawlers and for Baby Led Solids/Weaning food catchers.   I bet they are available at a dollar store.   Wipe off to clean.      They may need to be aired out for a bit though…outgassing.
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  1. With potty training on our horizon, I am glad to have stumbled upon your blog! Thanks for commenting on mine so that I could find you, :) Bookmarked!

  2. Thank you for sharing about the onsie conversion! That is brilliant! Funny how somethings don’t even cross our minds- I was just trying one on today and was sad it was going to the bag- not anymore- thanks to you! (it said I heart mommy) ;)

  3. Annaliese Smith-Platts

    Thanks for the link up :-) This is an excellent post btw!

  4. At one point I cut off the bottom of a onesie, but then I never got around to finishing it off. I end up just tucking in the onesie w/o buttoning it, and the extra fabric keeps my little guy’s pants up (w/o a diaper his pants tend to be baggy).

    I got one of those potty seats on clearance at Target for, like, $4 or something. Fine for my daughter, but for little boys who can’t aim – ugh. The pee was always either going *above* the seat and spraying everywhere, or streaming between the seat and the base, so it would stream down the toilet bowl. I am ALWAYS cleaning up pee. *sigh* I love the idea, but maybe need to look for a different design. Those Dot potties look pretty cool.

    EC undies are expensive, and I was lucky to find some small undies on If you get a bigger size than you think you’ll need it will be easier for the little ones to push them down.

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