Month 7: Pulling Up and Solids

You’d think crawling was good enough of an accomplishment for a while, but now she’s pulling up to standing — very wobbly but very determining.    Baby started experimenting with solids so pees were all caught but poos were missed (thankfully there aren’t that many).   Baby isn’t farting as a signal anymore.   Baby really has a real disdain for diapers and throws a fit if I put one on!

She will also make an effort to release urine if given the opportunity even if she didn’t really need to go just then.    I also noticed that she will pee more often if in a diaper and less often when diaper free–indicating that she has been evolving bladder control and definitely knows the difference between a diaper and no diaper.     Sometimes she gets distracted with playing and gets surprised–but not often enough for me to throw in the towel.  I’d been expecting this thanks to the stories posted by other ECing moms.   This is just a developmental stage for us both.     She has been giving “warning pees” when I’ve been distracted.

Our days have been mostly all diaper free (always no diaper when babywearing) unless we are out or Daddy is watching while I’m working.  We still use a  prefold diaper  with no cover as night back-up but she’s not soiled one very often.       She usually wakes up dry (I do potty her at least once at night since I get up to go myself anyway).  Very few diapers used overall.  We have had an off week where I just kept missing everything, but overall its been very successful.  I ordered some training pants, I wish I had ordered them sooner!   She also definitely knows when we are in a public bathroom — she will make these short test screams that I call “testing the acoustics” that she does no where else.    She will only “go” though if she really has too.  It’s time to go cold turkey and get rid of the diapers.  I should have had the confidence two months ago!


I remember the fits with the diaper.  You swear we were torturing her.  The contorting, the twisting, the tears.   Boy would she get angry!   It wasn’t every time, but when she had it in mind not wanting it on that’s when she’d blow a gasket.   Her poops were also getting bigger and messier and more…um…textured and colorful from not only her size but the few solids she was getting.   And with doing baby led solids things were really distinctive when coming out.   Having a poop miss was a thing of dread, because there is really no work to do when you catch one.  It got so that Daddy would get home and ask “Did she poo?”  I would say, “No!  Bye got to go to work!” and run out the door as he moaned.    Likewise, I’d ask the same when I got home and groan if it wasn’t safe .


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  1. My daughter tests acoustics in public places, too! Cracks me up! Sometimes for giggles I do it with her 🙂
    She too gets distracted when playing and I find I am missing loads of pees becasue of it. And she stopped farting to signal a poop was coming, too. It is sooo reassuring to know others have the same experiences. I am the only person I know doing EC so no one to talk to…I wish I had found these blogs earlier!

  2. Your blog is so helpful! Thanks!! Do you remember what type of training pants you used at this stage and where you ordered them from?

  3. Oops! Just read what kind on the next month! Did that size fit your girl at that age?

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