Month 8: Monkey Climbing and Training Pants

Yeah, she found the stairs and promptly went up them like it was nothing and she’d been doing it all along.  Little monkey is going to give us heart failure.

Baby has much stronger bladder and control at the same time she’s been practicing free standing.   I wonder if the abdominal muscle strength has anything to do with that?  She now can and does hold it past threshold (we call it turbo pee).   It literally happened overnight.  Just one morning she woke and had a massive urination that had us both blinking in surprise at how big her bladder was.      Most poops go right into the potty, too.

One miss of poop so far this month and it was caught by the brand new training pants that just arrived in the mail a few days before she turns 9 months old.  She was displeased and came over right away to let me know.   It was breastmilk poo as she hadn’t eaten much solids in a couple of days.   She can take off her prefold and snappi, not just the cover so the training pants arrived just in time.    Disposable pull-ups have KILLED the market for cloth training pants.  You are lucky to find Gerber 2T in the stores and no smaller and the selections are abysmal.   There are WAHM and EC specific pants but they are $8 each and up not including shipping.   I could make my own cheap but I’m a novice sewer and it would be labor intensive for that reason.  I settled for Gerber 18m size ordered from Amazon.  Color choices: pink, blue, or white.

We’ve been experimenting with using the big toilet but she definitely still prefers the small potty over the big toilet.  I’m guessing it is because it feels more secure.     Nighttime is still accident free and thank goodness that we don’t have to do diapers at night because that was such a pain.   Naked bottom was okay but you worry about a miss.  Training pants on the other hand are just enough to hold in a miss but so very easy to pull down.

We are amazed at her control and desire to be clean.  She clearly no longer likes to be taken to the potty if she hasn’t signaled a need.  She will stiffen and protest and give us a “look”.  Several days go by now during the day without an accident.   I have even taken baby out on short trips with no diaper, just training pants!   I feel like I’m smuggling loot when I do.   I wonder if people notice?    She gets opportunities to use the restroom (many by the way don’t even have a changing station anyway) and the training cotton pants make it so easy to try.   Using a public restroom and ECing with a diaper is so much more difficult — it’s not that it was THAT hard, but in comparison there is no contest between the two.

At this point, I would consider her to be potty trained learned and she is definitely night trained aware– even if she needs help to get to the potty.

I didn’t expect the night dryness to happen first or so quickly since she does night nurse.   But it makes sense.  There is a hormone that tells the kidneys to produce less urine at night.   I assume since her sphincters have been exercised and used, it contributes to that hormone feedback system and strength.   Biology is cool.


I know that some people have different definitions of “potty trained”.    She is no where near “potty independent” and won’t be until she develops the coordination to pull her pants up and down and to navigate the big toilet on her own.  But as far as potty aware and potty learned, I think that’s been well documented.


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