Month 9: Increased Capacity

Baby has changed pee frequency to about every 3 hours or so.   It seemed to happen overnight!    One day it seemed we had it down pat, and the next she had a different pattern.  This was confusing at first for both of us.  She’d be irritated with me for offering too often and I’d get frustrated when I missed.     I thought I was not seeing cues and was off on timing, but she just doesn’t need to go as often.

When we are out, she will often wait until we get home if the need isn’t urgent.      She still goes immediately upon waking in the morning and has 3 or 4 pees in a row.   She also seems to prefer to pee in the bathroom when we potty together.  I suppose since I’ve always pottied her when I went myself she’s developed the habit by repetition.      One morning I made the mistake of pottying her first, then going myself as she watched me.  When I picked her up her pants were damp.  Oops!

I’ve been relying a lot more on instinct than I have before.   I wear her a lot even though it is melting hot because she insists!  She likes to see what I’m doing.   She’ll usually pee after I take her out of the Mei Tai or wrap.       Poops very successful, thankfully.   She gets VERY quiet and relaxed when on the potty when she’s ready to poo.  I have to be attentive to not taking her off too soon as I’ve been surprised by a second number 2.  I usually let her get up herself when done, though If I see she’s pooed I’ll encourage her to sit down again to be sure…more often then not she agrees with me and goes a bit more.    I have learned that if she just has to urinate she does her business and then gets up right away.  If she has other…er…duties…she sits contentedly playing with an object I’ve given her or just babbles.

We haven’t used a diaper at all, just training pants    On July 12, we had an incident where I was sitting on the computer with the potty at my feet, she came over and climbed over it just as my husband asked for my help.  Without thinking I picked her up and  brought her with me and she was squirmy.   I handed her quite dry to her Daddy so I could help with what he asked and he said, “She’s wet!”    I  checked and she wasn’t just wet!  Eeek.   I apparantly interrupted her in the middle of her attempts to poo on the potty!  She even held it so she wouldn’t soil me!

Attitude really makes a difference.    Most people seem overly concerned with knowing exactly how much time it takes or the degree of effort.   The thing is, a lot of our modern conveniences are actually time consuming yet marketed as time savers and we have a very skewed sense when determining time to effort ratios.       I do not have more laundry than the average parent, just different laundry.      My time investment in excrement management are several short trip to the bathroom (a room I go to several times daily anyway for my own needs) requiring pants down and pants up, and an occasional epic clean-up, not a long stint on the changing table with several wet wipes and fresh diaper every single time.    Take it from DadJams — the solutions are simple and misconceptions easy to clear up.


Even though I hadn’t mentioned it, I was still using the baby sign for potty and also one for milk/nursing.  A few times my husband said she thought she was making the motion but wasn’t sure.    She makes a few random sounds but nothing consistent.  We kept modeling and waiting.

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