Month 14: A Continent Biped

Walking is perfected and my baby hardly crawls anymore and she has 4 teeth — two on bottom and fangs on top.   Will she get her two front teeth for X-mas I wonder?

I have to say that the new Potette travel potty has worked out wonderfully.  It’s compact, light, and comfortable.   I don’t use the bag inserts.  It fits well on all toilets and most important she’s comfy enough to relax adequately to go in a public restroom.   She’s very happy about that.   She’s been wanting to use the toilet at home, but didn’t want to be held in squat.  I have the Primo Travel Potty also, it folds smaller but not as comfortable r as good of a fit for her tush so I will wait a couple of months before using it.

Also noteworthy is that her bladder has reached another new level of capacity.    We are not only dry at night but can also go 6 hours without a pee break at night AND no more morning successive pees!  Finally, just one really impressive one.  Turbo pee!  So powerful that Daddy jokes that she levitates.

At the same time she’s developed more independence and a keen dislike for being taken to the potty too often.   She’s been using the potty signal a lot consistently with the verbal sound “bu” or “pu” and has been making more of an effort to get our attention so we can see her do it if we are distracted!     So, I have given her much more control over her needs and have been waiting for the potty sign unless its been quite a long time and I have to go myself and take her with me anyway.  This has worked out nicely.    A few time she won’t need to really go, but will if I ask her to.

So this is the next phase — watching her grow into potty independence.      I’m convinced that if  we had a squat toilet or a chair style potty she would be halfway to independence needing only to be bare bottomed or help putting pants on since she can take them off.

Even more exciting, evening poop accidents stop abruptly for several days in a row.  She has now, all on her own without me asking, stopped a “surprise pooping action” and begun using the potty signal frantically to alert me of a very urgent need.   When we see that frantic wave and that special “look” on her face…we jump up and run!   Thank goodness for that because I would HATE to have to clean some of the things that she produces off her kibbles and bits.    Yikes.      This is much better than her subtle “poop face” signal that we often missed when distracted.    There have been a few times where she’s tried to potty herself but pees in her training pants.    Oops!

Since she’s got such good control now,  I’ve been considering buying her a pair of split crotch pants or cutting a pair of pants to convert them into one so she can experiment with more independence.   Though in the mean time bare bottom is an option and babylegs will keep her legs warm enough.

I am enjoying being diaper-free baby spoiled.           To give an idea of just how spoiled we are:  As of December 19, she has been totally accident free for 9 days.   And my husband didn’t even notice!   It’s one of those things, like walking, that happens in stages that you expect and then you wake up one morning and realize that they hardly fall any more or you can’t remember the last time they crawled from point A to point B.


I never did bother with split crotch pants..


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