Month 15: Longer Sleep, More Words

This month baby has been practicing babbles and insists on trying to walk up stairs using the banister she can barely reach.  She’s also learning how to come down, though, with a lot less gracefullness.  Door knobs are in the experimental stage.

Night pottying and night continence is holding steady.  One accident, though it wasn’t at night it was in the morning and I totally fell back to sleep, so it wasn’t her fault.   She sleeps 5 hours straight more often (I take it when I get it), wakes to eat and pee and resumes sleep.   She usually pees once in the night.  Once in a while she doesn’t pee until morning even if she awakens.

I also can’t remember the last time we had an accident when out.    With the travel potty it’s really easy to take her to the toilet when she asks or to suggest a pit stop when we arrive at our destinations.  She’s been given more responsibility with her potty needs — we trust her more to signal and rely much less on timing and reminding.    Accidents during the day are very minimal.  Generally not more than once or twice a day with a few days of no accidents.    She makes a conscious effort to stop an accident after it begins.     Anyone who says babies do not have bladder control until they are over two just don’t have the experience with seeing it.   We are not flukes, they have the ability.   Frankly, if a puppy can do it so can a human baby.

Using the big toilet during the day rather than the potty is exceedingly convenient!   She’s also stared insisting on using a square of toilet paper all by herself and flushing (she can’t quite push the handle all the way on her own)!      Handwashing motions she’s done for a few months, but she surprised my mother-in-law with that one.

The accidents aren’t a big deal really.   They are getting to be less and less and when she does have one she stops, let’s us know, and resumes on the toilet.  It’s far easier to clean up than a spaghetti dinner that’s for sure.

Of course this being the month of communication we’ve got some stories to tell.     Baby girl has a very small vocabulary in both signs and words:

  • kitty
  • baba — milk/nursing — with baby sign
  • bu/pu – bathroom/potty — with baby sign
  • mama — sometimes with baby sign
  • dada — with baby sign
  • ajee-ajee — music with baby sign
  • hi
  • byebye
  • yay
  • more — baby sign only

We’ve been more active in teaching her more baby signs.   This is because she’s desperately trying to communicate needs using the few signals she has.    The sign for “milk” for example she’s started using to try to indicate “mommy” or “where’s mommy” or “I want to go to bed”.   She uses the sign for “music” to indicated “daddy” or “where’s daddy”.     The potty sign she uses for the potty obviously, but also to mean “I want to leave this room” or “I want your attention”.

Daddy told me that he misunderstood her while I was at work.  After taking her to the bathroom, a few minute later she signed again and he assumed she meant “I want to leave this room” and it turned out that she was trying to say she needed to poop some more.  He said he felt like a heel for not believing her.         On another occasion while we were out shopping I was busy trying on a coat and she signaled potty to him.   He wasn’t sure if she was serious or was just bored.    He said she wiggled to get down, toddled to my bag, pulled out the travel potty seat and handed it to him.    They went to the restrooms and he says she had a very impressive pee.  You go girl!


I really love not having to clean out the potty.    I’m ungrateful I know.  But once you go big potty you just prefer it to having to empty out little ones.    We only use the Bjorn now at night and when she decides to go on the potty alone 99% of the time she uses the toilet with the Potette potty insert.


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