Month 17: Fine Motor Control

Molar and Babble month!    Oh my.   FOUR molars one right after the other — bang bang bang!

She has added new signs and pre-words to her vocabulary.   “Bath” (Bat-bat with the baby sign–and we can’t keep her out of the tub!), “hot” while blowing, ByeBye WahWah (water) whenever we pull the drain in the tub or flush the toilet.  She has changed her early word from key-kah (kitty cat) to just “cat”.

Her motor control has also taken a leap, she has been using a fork and spoon messily for a while now but has really learned fine control.  So much so and so proud of herself that she prefers to eat her beloved blueberries with a spoon to practice.   That fine ability translates also to being able to remove her pants with greater ease than ever before.

Last month our longest accident-free streak was 4 weeks and 2 days.  I guess I shouldn’t have mentioned it in my entry!     We’ve gone back to more frequent sporadic small accidents that seem to have no rhyme or reason.   With all that is going on in her brain this was expected because it is all a learning process.    We finally figure out what was causing the last accidents only to be derailed with a new form.   Oh well, its okay.  Sometimes when they walk they fall, but it doesn’t mean they can’t walk right?

She may be  experimenting with her growing capacity and control and not realizing her new limits.  Poops surprise her and she tends to look panicked and baby signs potty with the sound “pu pu pu” quite frantically when she starts to go in her pants. The important thing is her efforts to ask for help.

Some might be seen the increase in accidents as a step backwards, but not when you look at it from a different perspective.  For example, we no longer have to pee in the middle of the night more and more often unless she’s has eaten a lot of a diuretic inducing food like grapes in the evening.   This doesn’t mean she doesn’t wake up to nurse, she does but its easy because we co-sleep.  The major difference with her night habits is that she does not need to pee, usually, until we get up for the day.    We void together just before bed and then she doesn’t go again for 8-9 hours.  It’s incredible really.    I wasn’t expecting that at all.

Night toileting was something I wanted to do since we were getting up anyway.   It has to happen eventually and I figured why not take advantage of the opportunity now and not three years from now.  It’s not any more work and it has all the potential of being an advantage.        I am still flabbergasted that night awareness and night continence happened so much faster than the day (she has routinely peed partway through the night but now I notice more times when she doesn’t need to go until morning) .

She gets grouchy if I ask her to go and she hasn’t asked so I limit it to the rare times of necessity.  If we are going out I sometimes have to insist and she’s allowed to be mad.  She does try if I persist.   There is a real difference between her complaining and stiffening if she “doesn’t want to go but really can go”  and  “she doesn’t want to go because she can’t”.      If she can go she’ll protest but her stiffening is half-hearted, she sits easily, and pees while carrying on.   If it is the latter, she stiffens like a board and really lets loose.   I believe that!   I respect it and move on.

Naked time has become increasingly popular and she’s a pro at pants removal and even gets them most of the way back up if still around her ankles


Some people might think its a bad a idea to insist she try to potty when she doesn’t want to.   I disagree because these are rare occurances.  If she was in a soiled diaper I’d change her through fits, crying, rolling and all sorts of contrary behavior.   No one would say that I was damaging her by pressing on with the diaper change!   We sometimes need to do things she disagrees with because its a necessity or we know information she doesn’t understand (like we won’t have a potty break for a couple of hours so we need to try and go now).  The same thing with shoes and getting dressed.  If there is snow and we want to walk or play in it boots are needed; if it’s a short in arms trip to the car its not worth arguing over.   What’s negotiable today might not be tomorrow depending on the circumstances.  That’s how daily life is.


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