Month 18: Run Baby, Run

She’s gotten fleet of foot!   We joke that if she didn’t run she’d fall.  Puddle jumping is a game she enjoys with her Daddy now that the days are getting warm again. She continues to be exhausting at the playground.   When she wants to go out she says shoe, hand us our shoes and her shoes, and knocks on the door.       She’s gotten so she holds your face to look at her for better focus on her very important story.  I’m not exactly sure what the tale is about, but it is really intense.

Mimicry is big and she can open some doors or copies kids on the playground more intensely than ever before when it comes to climbing ladders, stairs, dangling and what have you.   She knows all the parts of her face if asked to point.  I was beginning to think only her feet and belly button would occupy her fascination forever.   Daddy and I are not keen on the pushing of other tots and the toy thievery.    And a new fear of the bathtub — not water — just specifically the bath tub.  Teeth brushing is met with grumpy flailing.We are working on both.

Words of the Month:
Teeth (“Teef” pointing to teeth)
Tickle (our own baby sign only)
Play (“bay” with baby sign)
Water (“wahwah” with baby sign for water more often than the verbal)
Hi!   (very clear)
Scoot (“schoo schoo”  said to the cat to move or pulling Daddy or Mommy up off the couch)

Night continence is holding steady and evolving.   A lot of the time she waits to pee in the morning — I do offer if I wake up in the middle of the night and she’ll go a little, but sometimes she protests and doesn’t want to potty.  I’ll follow her lead and not offer at all and see how it goes.   Zero poop accidents, Yay! Pee accidents during the day are rare this month and when they do occur it is a few drops of piddle. The only major accident was when she asked daddy to potty (using the sign and the verbal cue poo-poo) and the bathroom door got hung up on the bathroom carpet.   Shorts got a little soggy during the wait!  When she indicates she has to go, she is serious.

She has bigger bladder capacity and sphincter control, and when she decides to go sometimes it’s like a racehorse. There is no way a diaper could manage the volume and force of some of her wees! She still wears training pants, but really only because I can’t find toddler panties that fit. I’ve been unsuccessful in finding extra small.

Now that she is taller (32 inches or so) she’s been trying to get down from the big potty by herself, so I will get her a step stool. She’s also used the Bjorn potty on her own more often, especially if in just trainers or bare bottomed. She hasn’t quite worked out how to coordinate at first. She spins to sit but often is facing the wrong direction, or is too far left or right and has to readjust. It’s like watching a dog spin before lying down. At times she forgets to pull her pants down first and has to start over. Once she gets it worked out she is no nonsense and points to tell us about her accomplishment.  She still prefers the big toilet and remembers to flush  — so I guess for her it depends on how much effort she wants to put in.  I’d rather simply  flush than dump and clean the potty, so what can I say?

Every time we go to the local post office the mail woman always exclaims, “There’s the baby who is potty trained!”   picks her up if it is not busy and she tells every one.   Same thing at the produce stand we go to in season.   Baby girl loves the attention — little social butterfly.  Public toilet trips are always a cause for surprise and some people still don’t believe their own eyes.


A diaper free bottom really stretches the wardrobe!    Last year’s shorts fit much better this year.   Baby clothes are cut extra big on the butt for a fit over a diaper and the tend to be baggy without the bulk to fill the space.  The 9-12 month shorts fit is perfect. Shirt dresses that she wore last year are now nice summer tops.  With EC two pieces are superior to onesies which are outgrown quickly and can’t be easily reincarnated.  Long pants and jeans are a different story.   A size that fits her booty tends to be short capri; sizes to fit length are baggy.  Stretch pants and boot cut styles fit far better than regular jeans which are plagued with saggy butt.       Bathing suit bottoms have to be one or two sizes smaller than the tops.  So while she can wear regular 18-24M or 2T  tops and rashguards with room to grow, bathing suit bottoms fall off.   It’s been a mix and match fest.   The 2T rashguard with accompanying too big shorts paired with the full coverage bottoms of a 9-12M baby bikini set with a useless triangle top.   If my girl had any significant amount of hair I could cut the ties off the useless top and use them for ponytail holders.


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I am 41...42...43...44, married with two children, two cats, and a dog. Writing is my hobby, and learning and teaching my passions. Books! It used to be that I could devour several books a week when I had the time. I am usually too tired to stray awake these days with two kids. Currently my brain and energy levels have steered me to casual games, writing contests, and some inconsistent blogging.

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