Month 19: Where is My Baby Going?

Vocabulary, vocabulary, vocabulary!

Words of the Month

Wee!  (for swings, This Little Piggy, and things that look fast and fun)
Dad-dee (said clear as a bell)
Mah-mees pweeeze (for nursing)
Quack (Kwa for the rubber ducky but only rarely)
Down (Doe Doe)
One/Two/Three (Still crude but she is making attempts to count stairs with Daddy)

A ton of non-sense bleeka-bleeka babble in a toy phone, the actual phone, and right in you face with direct eye contact.   She’s gotten so she holds your face to look at her and focus on her very important story.

Each new stage is a fascination and frustration.    She been biting more when especially peeved about not wanting to ride in the car seat or leaving when not ready.   She’s left tooth marks in both of us!

Where is my baby going?

So, anyway, we have really reached sky high levels of spoiled– my husband and I, that is.  We don’t even think about this much any more day to day and our responsibilities are about 5-10% of the potty effort.   We are props and baby is the mistress.    You better believe we are enjoying each moment.  Sure,we may have too assume more responsibility when more teeth decide to appear or she has another growth spurt — but that’s what we are here for.   We are just facilitators and guides to potty opportunities.

We didn’t teach her to do anything per se — at least not beyond acceptable places to eliminate — we encouraged what she already knew how to do and showed here where to go.   It’s like talking and walking and eating — she does all the work — what we do is a small part really.  We encourage words we think are most important but in the grand scheme speaking is in her court.  She will learn grammar and cadence and tempo all by herself because she is wired by nature to do so.  She has the ear for language and the desire to do so.

Yes, sometimes we must insist on a pee break even under loud protest because we know information she doesn’t, but we still need her cooperation!   It’s okay if she is mad about that — it is understandable but we ask her to please try and she does.  She has a different wail of complaint and body language for when she can go but is annoyed and when the well really is dry and she can’t.   We listen carefully.

You can put a baby on the toilet but you can’t make them pee!

I still carry a change of pants in my bag with the travel potty seat just in case.  We will have to see how our long car trip to Ohio goes this summer and if any accidents occur while distracted by nieces and nephews.

I expect her step stool to arrive any day.  It is a wood stool with a small foot print that converts to a small chair.  I like the multi-taskers and I think she’ll love it.  She is still working on using the little potty but I can see that my little nudist wants to manage the big potty by herself, at least get down.  I am still on a quest to find teeny panties that don’t cost a left kidney and non-pink swim non-padded swim diapers.   I don’t feel right putting her in a swim pant that is as thick as a diaper and I don’t imagine she’d be comfortable.   And for the love of Sweet Mother Earth does everything need to have pink on it!?

Nights have gone well.  I’ve had to learn her new night time needs.   Most of the time this month she didn’t have to go at night and if she doesn’t ask I don’t offer.    A few nights though she will wake and need to go potty and that’s usually if I forget to take her to the bathroom before bed (3-4 hours later she has to wee).


Finding tiny underwear has been like searching for a mythical creature — Unicorn or Jackalope.    Fruit of the Loom 2T girl boy-short cotton under wear is acceptable but I’ve only found 2 packages and 1 was damaged with one pair a 3T.   Boy cut fits better than brief (legs holes are too generous and just sag).    Her trainers still fit so its not a pressing issue, but it has been almost a year of use and a couple of pairs are beginning to show some signs of wear.


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