Month 21: Cause and Effect

This entire month my husband had me thinking that our baby was turning 22 months when in fact she is turning 21 months.   Bad bad spouse!    I’m already sad about the upcoming second birthday (I’M NOT READY!  STOMP STOMP!) and he tried to speed it up!

There are a few funny stories this time around that I’ve named “War and Pees”  and  “Tinkle Sprinkle” and the updates this month are at the end under “Milestone Musings”.

It’s the Bottom Line is a humorous article written by an Australian reporter and ECing Dad for the Sydney Morning Herald in December 2006. He thought his wife had gone completely around the bend and he wasn’t convinced about this no-diaper/nappy business.  And also from Australia Nappy Wars:  When to Toilet Train covers the trend in Australia from 40% disposable diaper use in 1993 to 95% now, and the rise of the average age of modern training completion from 2.5 to as high as age 4.  “ ‘The whole idea of waiting for a child to tell you they are ready comes from the disposable-diaper industry,” Sonna says. ”The knowledge that it is even possible to train early has been completely wiped out...’  She says the key factor is not the readiness of the child but the expectations of the parents. ‘We have replaced skills with products in many aspects of our life.’ “

June 5:  War and Pees

Time:  Evening
Scene:   Mommy taking a shower and trying to take care of flossing alone in the only bathroom.    Baby angry that anyone is doing anything without her supervision.   Daddy trying to distract by playing “tackle the baby” upstairs on the bed.

Begin Act 1:

(The bathroom door opens with a scree.    Floss dangles from between Mommy’s Teeth.    Baby is smiling broadly.   Daddy is scowling.)

Mommy:   (opens mouth to complain and stops short of speaking)
Toddler:  HI!  (with much enthusiasm and pleasure)
Daddy:  She peed on me.
Mommy: (pause)  On purpose? (floss dangling from mouth)
Toddler: (grinning on toilet and having a small wee)
Daddy:  (grumpy and removing pants)  YES!  She wanted to be in here with you so I took her upstairs to play.   She was okay for a minute but then didn’t want to do anything.   She climbed into my lap, looked right into my face, and peed!
Mommy:   Naughty baby!

(End Act I)

June 9:   Tinkle Sprinkle

While little bitty was assumed to be playing in the living room, I was in the kitchen washing my 1 millionth dish, because the magical dish elves are on vacation, when I hear from the bathroom some splishing.  It sounded like someone had dropped something in the toilet and was lifting it out letting it drain back in the water.   Oh no!  I left the door open!   The door is usually closed to keep the cats out of the tub because the bathroom Gnome doesn’t like to clean cat hair off of the static charged tub and shower.   “What did you do!”   I exclaim panicked as I run to assess the damage.   What do I see?  A flood?  A contaminated toddler?  Wet cat?  Floating toothbrushes?  Dripping hair brushes?

Nay, O Best Beloved.

I see my Little Bitty Monkey sitting on the big toilet grinning from ear to ear and having a massive whizz.   She used the step stool and the sink to get herself situated on the toilet on top of the Potette Potty insert.  The very same stool that is just an inch shy of being a proper boost.  That girl must have worked it!    Her bum was a little askew and she wasn’t quite back far enough to keep some errant pee from running down the outside of the toilet bowl.   I apologized profusely for my error and babbled on excitedly, “You got on the toilet by yourself!  That was hard work!  Some missed but that’s okay!”    I’ve never been so pleased to clean the toilet bowl in my life.  And what did Little Bitty Monkey do?  She got down and walk away as if it was no big deal — except that big smile said otherwise.

Milestone Musings:

Over the past four weeks, she’s started to recognize abstract drawings.  For example the animals on the kitty towels she now knows are cats.   Mickey Mouse is immediately recognized on cards, toys, and other pictures.   She’d been able to point to Mommy and Daddy and herself in pictures for several months but this month and last month she was able to vocalize with words:  Mommy, Daddy, and Baby.  .The bathtub is no longer an issue and she started asking to bathe (with the baby sign and word “bat”) again.    We think a slip she had that we didn’t think was serious not only scared her, but caused two chips in her upper teeth from tooth-on-tooth contact.

On the potty front she’s been enjoying going to the potty by herself and hardly ever asks us for assistance any more especially if she’s bare bottom, in just trainers, or has easy on and off pants.  She prefers to be naked but when she has clothes on she tends to pull down her pants in the living room and shuffle to the bathroom with them around her ankles.    Getting her baby butt on the potty takes a little balancing effort and a couple of tries before she plants herself on it properly.   Though she is usually obliged to sit on it sideways or backwards.    This might be why she’s been choosing to get on the big toilet by herself a little more often.  She is all legs and has grown about a 1/4 of an inch.  It is juuuuuuuuust enough for her to use the step stool to hoist herself up and also stretch down off the toilet, especially, if she happens to have shoes on if we just come from an errand.

If the Potette insert is not on the toilet she opens it and puts it on.    The only time I help her now is with pulling up her pants, taking care of aiming misfires, and night pott…  —  Wait hold the phone!   Actually, I can’t call it night pottying anymore since she doesn’t pee until she wakes up for the day.    If I don’t want to get up to gown downstairs to the bathroom she pees in the potty, otherwise we just go to the bathroom for a morning tinkle.     She hasn’t peed in the middle of the night at all this month–she wakes up for a quick nurse a couple of times but is back to sleep in a few minutes.    Could it be that the end of night nursing will be upon me?   My baby needs me so much less this month.    I think I’m sad again…

More often than not these days Daddy Man and me whip our heads around frantically with “where’s the baby?”   (is she up the stairs, getting into mischief?) and see her a second later walking out of the bathroom and usually (if she’s not busy) announcing that she did her business so we can empty it.

Words of the Month:
Apple (Apoo)
Car  (Cah)
All done (Ah Doo – with hands out spread)
Ice (Eyesh)
Grandma (Gahma)
Eye (pointing to eye)
Mau-Mau (Mickey Mouse — she first said it on June 12 and took us 4 days figure it out!  She’s obsessed.)
Cheeze (for the camera!)
Thank you (Two-ooo)
What’s That? (Ooo da?)
Boo-Boo (Owie — when daddy said he had to fix something because it was broken “had a booboo” she tried to kiss it better)
Tee (TV)
Ouch (at first to indicate if the car seat buckle needs adjusting but more and more for other ouches)
ite (Light)

And trying to repeat every thing, especially the rise and fall of speech.


As we think about adding another spawn to our family, I wonder how my experiences with EC will translate to two.   I’ve got my eye out for stories pitfalls to avoid and obstacles to look out for.  Baby Girl can most certainly be of help.   The little ones are always eager to help the Diaperless so why not?  Never underestimate the practical observations of children in the Adventure’s of a Diaper Free Baby.


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I am 41...42...43...44, married with two children, two cats, and a dog. Writing is my hobby, and learning and teaching my passions. Books! It used to be that I could devour several books a week when I had the time. I am usually too tired to stray awake these days with two kids. Currently my brain and energy levels have steered me to casual games, writing contests, and some inconsistent blogging.

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  1. This is really interesting…the concept of elimination communication became known to me when I was researching cloth diapers, but I never understood it enough to really contemplate the concept for my own family.

    This said, I completely agree with the last line of the article that you quoted. So many products have replaced skills in so many areas of our lives. My daughter has food allergies, and just in educating myself about what goes into our food (and being totally and completely disgusted) I have learned how to make so many things for my family (like bread, yogurt, and sauces) that before I simply would have purchased. Right now, I’m tackilng skin/hair care products.

    Your daughter sounds pretty amazing, by the way!

    • It’s amazing how quickly basic knowledge gets lost and how much influence marketing has and how it can cripple your judgement! It’s really eye opening when you start reading the labels. We use baking soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, washing soda, and sodium percarbonate for our cleaning and laundry and its so nice not to have toxins wafting.

      We think our wee one is amazing too 🙂 They are exhausting but have high levels of cutenss 🙂

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