Month 22: TNT

No not dynamite but Traveling and Teething.  Though as anyone knows, traveling and babies can be a very volatile combination.

We’ve got four teeth coming in still — the eye teeth.  The bottoms poking through first — sharp little buggers.    Even though its not a horror story and her spirits are quite good, moods can be a little cranked when she gets tired.   We went out of state, a 16 hour drive, and you would think I had a lot to say about traveling and using the potty but there is nothing to say.  It normally takes 12 hours to get there, but with a wee one you have to make more rest stops to stretch legs and to release some energy.   Halfway through we actually spent a good hour at Letort park in Carlisle, PA with the safest most stress free fort playground  (Fort Letort) I have ever seen!     It was made of highly polished wood and was constructed in such a way that even toddlers could climb and crawl and explore a wide area with no danger of fall off.   Fully enclosed, there were several areas filled with sand, slides, safe bridges, sturdy climbing rigs, and swings.   The park itself is beautiful and also has a splash “fountain”.    We decided to make it a regular stop on our annual trip.

We had no issues with potty breaks and no trouble using the toilet while there.  Little Bitty can hold a lot of pee and we had zero worries about accidents in the car.  She never even went at every rest stop though I always went and asked her to try!     The only thing different from being home was that she asked for help — at home she independently uses the little potty and almost never asks for any assistance at all anymore.  Sure she goes in the bathroom with pants and comes back out naked, but hey she still does it by herself!        The one and only accident that happened once we got to our destination was on an exceptionally hot day and she was overtired and overstimulated an she was throwing a full body tantrum — her bladder let go a little.   Among family and people we know, she is the only one under 3 who is potty learned so I’m still kind of the oddball.  Frankly, the toilet was a non-issue I had more trouble keeping ice pops, candy, ice cream, juice, and soda away from her.  I almost had to tackle one of my sister-in-laws.  Everyone wants to give her sugar!   People think that its not a big deal because they aren’t the ones who will have to be up with a sugar high baby with a bellyache all night.  The girl got plenty of sugar in the form of way too many farm fresh peaches.    All I can say about peaches is that they do keep the plumbing regular!

As I mentioned, she is little potty independent at home.  She quickly worked out the best way to park her bum on it.    I don’t ever remind her to go anymore and only offer if we are going out and its been a while since she last went (she can go several hours).   I don’t bring her to the bathroom in the morning or after naps — I let her decide herself.    I often just forget to offer before we go out these days and still we have no accidents.  We just go to a public restroom as we need to. I am always watchful of following her potty requests as she matures.  Eventually she is going to want to use the big toilet again and will be needing assistance until she grows tall enough to use it solo.

On the last night before we were going to leave on 7/9 she got a fever and I began not feeling well.     She  taught herself to blow her nose, which apparently this is related to the ability to spit (so now she copies me when I spit after brushing my teeth and has begun to fetch tissues to wipe her nose — messily).     I’m not on to medicate a low fever, but we used small doses to keep the fever down to 100 during the trip back and we stopped after 8 hours to stay at a hotel and finished the rest the next day.   Even during all this teething, fever, travel, activity, and strange rooms and beds she stayed continent during the day and night — she doesn’t pee at night at all even though she still nurses at night.     Her bladder capacity is really something to behold.   We have taken to calling them Epic Pees.  Daddy Man, an integral part of this process, is ever impressed by her control and volume.

She tried to empty the potty on her own for the first time on 6/29.  We managed to avoid a disaster just in time.   She is so eager to help and we’ve had a few spill accidents since then.   I’ve had to start saying, “Ask mommy or daddy to help.”    I want to encourage her desire to clean up in a positive and productive way.  I think if the Bjorn we have was a the kind with the removable insert bowl she’d not have such difficulty getting the mess in the toilet.  I admit I miss her using the big toilet because my spoiled self doesn’t want to empty and rinse the potty    It’s not that I’m complaining, but having pee and poo go right into the toilet is so exceedingly convenient that you can’t help but miss it!   Two days ago, we has a small escaped tinkle on the floor that daddy cleaned up.   She simply waited too long.  Judging by the amount she deposited in the potty a few seconds later, we considered ourselves fortunate for her strong sphincter.

We started swimming lessons last week on July 14, 10am on Thursday mornings.     I wish I had started her sooner.  The only thing she doesn’t seem to like is not being able to do things on her own and the bulky swim diaper.  I was unable to find a swim diaper that wasn’t extra thick.  Whenever she gets out of the pool she has her legs spread wide apart and squeezes the water out from between her legs with her hands.   She looks so strange in them!     Last year we used Monkey Doodlez which is not padded but snug fitting but I think they went out of business because the pickings are slim and the sizes are too small.  I keep looking though!

I’m always on the prowl for EC journeys and this month, since our EC story is rather uneventful these days.    I’ve provided two for viewing.   It’s always nice to see how other modern mothers who never grew up with EC are adapting and learning.   Indeed, we’ve lost a lot of wisdom!

Bethany’s EC Story:
Wesley’s EC Story:

In my perusing of EC related articles and blogs, I cam across an an interesting pattern for homemade training pants:

Communication Explosion!

Words of the Month

Blue (Boo)
Balloon (Bwwo or Bloo)
1-2-3…8 (much more clear than her first attempts.  It’s cute when she randomly says numbers as she climbs stairs)
Flower (Fwer)
Shower (Show)
Colors (blue, yellow, green, purple, red)
Bubble (Bahbuu)
Banana (Bla or B-na)
Wet (Weh)
Nice (Nye-th)
Outside (sigh)
Shirt (Shirr)
Pants (Pan)
Your Welcome (Dah dum)
Help (Hep)
Cry (Ky)
Me (pointing to self)

Bahbuu Sigh  (Bubbles outside?)
Baby Ky (Baby cry?)
Dadee Hep (Daddy help)
Open Pweez (Open Please)
Cawl Cawl Cawl (What’s that called?)
Imaydamess (With naughty finger — I made a mess!)
Hereitis (Here it is, or there it is very melodic)

6/26 Said thank you on her own and thereafter says it every time she is given something  spontaneously or when she asks for it.

6/28 copied the motions for the itsy bitsy spider (did not repeat this action much to mommy’s consternation)

Daddy Man and Grandmama has heard once “GimmieSomeOfDat”
Daddy Man and I heard once “ABCD” said as one word.


It seems that our Potette Potty is missing.  I’m very suspicious that Little Miss Helpful put it into the recycling bin before we left for our trip or just after we returned  and it is now melted down and reincarnated.   Oi! Also, now that I have enough underwear or she is nude most of the time, the training pants have been retired from service.


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  1. Thank you for coming by my blog. I hope others can benefit from reading part of Wesley’s EC story. I post updates about his progress regularly on my blog for anyone who is interested.

  2. I was thinking of doing my blog totally on EC but didn’t think I could pull it off. You however have totally NAILED it!

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