Month 23: Beach Redux

Our fourth anniversary was this year and we went back to the same beach for the weekend in Gloucester, MA (Wingaershek Beach and Good Harbor) that we went to last year (Diaper Free at the Beach).   Low tide is something to behold!  Little Bitty had a grand time running, splashing, getting sand everywhere, and generally going the speed of sound until utterly exhausted.      Of course, there were two major toddler meltdown tantrums when things didn’t go according to toddler plans.   A one hour beach nap remedied one situation and the other at the hotel was just a lot of emotion that needed to be expressed.   At least she didn’t tantrum and pee right?

I forgot to bring the Bjorn little potty with us to the hotel which really was inconvenient because she had to ask me to help every time she needed to use the toilet.   I brought the travel insert but — yeah, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I’m spoiled.   And fickle apparently!   Remember when I said that I preferred flushing the toilet to emptying the little potty every time?   Well, that was before she was potty independent and it was more responsibility on my part to bring her AND empty.  It’s a different tune when I don’t have to do anything except empty!

No Swim Diaper Here

Not having the little potty at the beach wasn’t a big issue as we were fairly near facilities and she can hold it for hours.   We had one beach accident on the last day on a rock in the ocean.   Not a biggie honestly.   I mentioned in the last post about this incident.   She frantically was indicating potty while she was peeing.  She just couldn’t stop it!    She had just peed 30 minutes prior so I think she sat on a rock and it stimulated a wee.    She doesn’t wear a swim diaper at the beach and was in just in a rash guard and bottoms.  I had to get 9-12m size so they’d fit on her tush because clothes for her age are still cut wide for diapers.

We’ve not nursed at night from 11p-7a at all this month.   She started sleeping longer stretches on her own and I began to encourage gently last month going back to sleep without suckling since she had done so spontaneously a a few times and, of course, outgrew night weeing.   We had a couple of nights of hysterical complaint when there was, what I think ,were bad dreams and we nursed.   On the rest of the nights if she asked and was refused she sometimes whined when told to go night night, sometimes did not, and sometimes did not ask at all.  She quickly got the idea that she could nurse when the sun was up.  The caveat is that if I move too far away in the bed, or face away from her, I am baby instructed to roll back over or she moves to where I’m facing.  A few times she’s crawled on my back and fallen asleep!   I do get annoyed at times but (I’m human and besides I annoy Daddy Man by crowding him) I adapt, because this tells me she still needs night comfort.     No nursing, no weeing — and all she asks is a foot on my leg and an arm or fist in my face — small price!    I know I’ll miss it when she no longer needs me, too.

Itty Bitty has tried to use the big toilet by herself again.  On Monday she spent a good 15 minutes using the step stool to get on and off the toilet with the Potette insert.  She tried all sorts of techniques.  Forwards, backwards, sideways, twisting and bum adjusting.   She would have continued the experiments for an hour if I had let her.   I got bored though and steered her to other things.   She’s still not quite tall enough to make using the big toilet a primary as it takes too much effort to get on it so she prefers the little potty.   She won’t ask to use the big potty usually, but interesting thing if I ask her to go before we leave she won’t let me put her on the little potty, it has to be the big toilet or she won’t comply to the request.   I have to respect that.   I mean, if she’s going to have assistance why not get assistance on the apparatus she can’t do by herself yet?

On other notes, one of my EC groups posted this wonderful looking travel potty from the UK (also available on   It’s called the My Carry Potty and for those places where there are absolutely no facilities and it may not be prudent to water the lawn or to bury poop — or just not what you want to do or what the little one wants to do — then this is  a fantastic solution.  Especially if you refuse, like me, to use those wasteful bag inserts for the Potette and bring a lidded Tupperware for emergencies.  Really, baby poop in the trash is gross enough, but toddler poop and pee in the trash?    That’s just unsanitary and disgusting!   It would be like an adult — okay I’ll spare you the description of the visual.

Is it a necessity?  No.   But if you tend to frequent playgrounds, parks, or go places where the facilities are non existent or questionable this would definitely be a wonderful sanitary solution.    Once you are done with it would definitely have a high resale value.   I do not have one of these so I cannot give a recommendation, I only offer the idea.

Phrases and Words of the Month

I got it!
I’m fine/okay! (after a fall or minor injury)
I hungry.
Mimi (Handy Manny cartoon)
Hops (one of our cats)
Sheep (sleep — sometimes with snoring sounds as an accompanyment)
Gashes (eye glasses)
eyebow (eyebrows)
bumbum (for “fist bump” for a job well done)
flower (much clearer that before)
buh-fie (butterfly)
shoups (she loves soup and asks all the time)
toyet (toilet…she knows the difference when she says toilet vs potty)
Shoap (Soap)
twobrush (toothbrush — sometimes she says brush and just points to it)

Tries to sing M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E  and only manages a sing-song baby and the letter Y and E.   So cute.
She can now say Mouse and now says Mau Mouse  rather than Mau Mau.   She can also recognize and name Donald Duck, Pluto, Goofy, Minnie, Daisy, and Pete.  Much to Daddy Man’s delight, she now raises both hands for “touchdown” whenever she hears the word.      She is getting better at using her little toddler knife to help push stubborn food onto a fork or spoon.


In February or March we will be blogging Pottytunities for Two.   We shall see how it goes the second time around and if I’ve learned anything useful 🙂


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I am 41...42...43...44, married with two children, two cats, and a dog. Writing is my hobby, and learning and teaching my passions. Books! It used to be that I could devour several books a week when I had the time. I am usually too tired to stray awake these days with two kids. Currently my brain and energy levels have steered me to casual games, writing contests, and some inconsistent blogging.

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