Month 24: Happy Birthday Two!

Has it really been two years?    If it weren’t for this blog, I don’t think I would believe it myself.      I’m not as sad as I was for her first birthday, but still it is very bitter sweet.    We’ll be having her birthday party two weekends after this blog is published because we had to reschedule our original date due to conflicts.   September is so crazy.      It’s been a busy month so I’ve had several diary entries rather than my usual style.

Our journey is nearing its closure believe it or not.  My role is a very limited one in the potty process.  I am not needed at night and am only called on during the day for help with public facilities or a particularly ornery pair of pants.    Itty Bitty has even taken to pulling her pants up herself more often rather than coming out of the bathroom nude.    It’s not perfect, of course, but I can see the end of my role in that coming up quickly.   For now, I am demoted to Potty Emptier until bairn number two arrives.

9/3  A Wedding Guest — We had to take her to a wedding with us because Grandmama was on a sad trip to be with her ill mother.  We had no one else to watch her for that long of a period, and the bride and groom gave us permission to bring Itty Bitty who impressed everyone at the table with her social, cutlery and bathroom skills.   They all thought she was much older and were surprised that she was not even 2 yet.      Daddy Man and I knew she was in “overtired destruto mode” and overly energetic even for her, but no one but us noticed that!

9/9  Carseat Assistance —  Itty Bitty started insisting on clipping the carseat chest clip herself.    I must now figure in extra time to allow her to get into her seat herself (or mostly by herself) and snap her chest clip on her own.   She will not allow me to assist with the clip in any way.  If I try to take over I get told where to go.   She is now fascinated with all clips, especially the ones on shopping carts.

9/11  Unhappy Days — Daddy Man’s grandmother passed away and he had to take at trip out of state to attend the funeral this week.   Because of work and the fact that I’m in my second trimester and with Itty Bitty needing more rest stops with travel and my job, it was decided that it would be best that we did not attend this trip.

9/12  Overflow —  You know, if it weren’t for this blog I probably would not remember incidences like these.   In the evenings,  Itty Bitty almost always has a massive dump (and I know that is crude, but the girl does not “go” delicately to put it lightly).     Sometimes there is a small pre-poop followed by the gigantic crap.    She is tiny so we can usually tell because her little belly gets noticeably distended in preparation.      Anyway, she was acting a little grumpy and restless and then all of a sudden she just up and ran to the bathroom.    We weren’t fazed; she does that all the time.    A half a minute later we hear a shout of distress from the bathroom.    We’ve never heard this vocalization before, but it sounded urgent, surprised, and upset.       I go into the bathroom to see what the issue is and there Itty Bitty is sitting backwards on the potty (she enjoys sitting that way sometimes) surrounded by Poop Explosion.    Her expulsion was so rapid and forceful that it went into the potty, splorshed up between her butt and a gap, up her shirt, over the side, and shot out quite far in a line onto the carpet!      She was very careful not to move, not sure what to do but knowing it had all gone awry.       My guess is that she had a tummy upset and it came out more violently than she anticipated.      Daddy Man and I and Itty Bitty were all rather stunned!       The carpet survived and no one was worse for wear.

9/14   Learning Ops — The play tutu she got for Christmas last year that she has ignored or cried over she has spontaneously decided is a good way to practice putting on clothing.       We went out for breakfast this morning and she threw a gigantic tantrum because I would not allow her to play with the window blinds.  I am not sure how I managed to remain calm and cool in the face of the wailing, but we went outside for a walk.  When we came back in she had run out of steam, was calming down and was happy to see the food.    She happily stole homefries from my plate, drank my water (my glass was nicer than hers apparently) and attacked her blueberry pancake.  When she asked for the butter knife and use it like I was, I let her have at it.     With  intense concentration, she managed quite well to push what she wanted on the fork and with assistance I showed her how to cut the pancake with it.   Her “cutting” attempts were quite crude and needed the help of my fork, but she was pleased all the same.

Since, Daddy Man is still away attending a funeral out of state (we really miss him)  I had a friend of mine watch her while I went to work.      I was so mad at myself for forgetting to bring her Little Potty!  I had it all freshly clean and shined up (okay not shined) and ready to go.  And wouldn’t you know that I left without it?     I remembered the toys, the snacks, change of pants, extra underwear, my work materials, the keys and the tot — but dagnabbit– I forgot the blasted pot!      Of course, this does not set up a toddler for success in this scenario.     There were new interesting toys to explore, squishy carpet to please the feet, and a big room to run around in.    Combine this smorgasbord of shiny with the tot’s lack of knowledge of where the bathroom in the new house was located then add on the ignorance that the carefully mapped and practiced jaunt to home bathroom, intimate knowledge of how many steps it takes to get there, and precise calculations on just how long to hold it is just not going to work…and there you have an Unscheduled Learning Experience in the making.    My friend said that she offered several times and was refused.    I realized later that Itty Bitty was using her “Home Map” to judge her pottying needs.

I imagine that in her head she was thinking, “No, ma’am.   It takes exactly 28.7 steps, and 4.3 seconds to get to the potty and .3 seconds to sit down before pee flows.   I’ve clearly got another 32 seconds to play with.  Be gone, I’m busy.”

Perhaps I shouldn’t have said that she rarely has an accident any more so there shouldn’t be a problem?    Right,  so the first accident dampened her underwear and pants and my Friend said that Itty Bitty was acting “odd” and trying to get her to go upstairs.   I realized later that she must have remembered that there was a bathroom upstairs in their house and was trying to navigate to it.    Thankfully, the accident was small and she finished a river of pee in the toilet and the evening deployment of “omygoodnesswheredidyoustoreallthatpoo” as well.  Whew!  I had forgotten to mention that in the evening she deposits a huge stinking pile that would scare even the most burly man.    Pants were changed and all should have been well…except…

Itty Bitty got surprised by an after poo wee a short while later and dampened her spare pants.    See, at home, she can go back and forth to the potty unhindered as many times as she wants and often leaves her pants off.    As I said, she has it all precisely planned and has execution perfected.    Had I remembered her potty, she would have managed a bit better.   That’s not to say that she managed poorly — stopping a fountain pee mid stream is no small feat!    But no one likes to have soggy pants and I felt bad for not giving her the tools she needed to stay dry and for not having the presence of mind to pack more than one change of pants!

9/16   Escaped Turd:     We were at the park today to release some pent up monkey energy.   We had a very successful massive pee before we left of course.  An hour and a half in, Itty Bitty was very tired and I noticed that she was walking oddly, holding her pants strangely, and had a look of distress.  She was so tired, but clearly was confused.     As she approached me and I bent down, I could smell the issue.     It wasn’t massive or anything.    A little reeking turd, smashed into a half dollar size was the culprit.    I’m quite sure she stopped the rest of it deliberately.  She only had a very small expulsion last evening and is probably quite full of — er — excess material.    I took off her underwear, wiped her bottom in the car, and put her pants back on.  We were about to go home anyway.   These escapees are quite a rare thing.   But man, how can something so teeny smell so bad!?

Phrases and Words of the Month

Rockee   (A cartoon called Baby Einsteins with a red rocket named Rocket)
Yo-wacoom (Your Welcome)
Truck (I think she’s said this for a couple of months)
Fwag (Flag)
*Brokee (I Broke it, or It’s Broken)
*Fix it
*Dry Hands
*Wash Hands
Peelow (Pillow)
Tow-woe (towel)
Bankit (blanket)
*Kgotchu (I Caught/got you)
Nigh Nigh (Night Night)
Seepy (Sleepy)
Hungwee (Hungry — much more clearly than before and often used together with the baby sign for more)
Tissue (she’s become fascinated with blowing her nose and she does rather well…though sometimes she wipes her butt with it afterward…)
Pishure (she loves looking at pictures especially of herself)
Pankay (pancake)
Eesee (she still uses this vocalization for music together with the baby sign…it has changed slightly from agee agee)
Puppy (I’m pretty sure she’s said this for a couple of months but I don’t think I included it on a list)
*CmereIshowyou (Come here.  I’ll show you.   For when we don’t understand her babytalk)
Ah-me (help me)
Opie (open — I think this was said for a couple of months too)

She enjoys trying to sing along with cartoon themes she’s familiar with.   She exclusively uses the baby sign for music with a vocalization that sounds nothing like the word.   With clear words she still uses the signs for more, play, bath, potty, and milk (nursing — she calls them mummies and calls me mommy).   She also happily mimics the motions of the itsy bitsy spider and tries to sing it.  She independently requests specific cartoons I’ve exposed her to.   Rocky (Little Einsteins), Manny (Handy Manny), Mau Mouse (Mickey Mouse), Yoho (Jake and the Neverland Pirates), Choo Choo (Chuggington)

There obviously hasn’t been a huge amount of new *phrases this month.     A lot of whining and mini-tantrums though!   I think she is on a verge of another verbal explosion as she is having difficulty explaining what she wants and needs and gets irritated.   We’ve both been quite crabby as a result.  Pantomimes, and pulling us to locations is no longer sufficient communication with her limited phrase vocabulary.   It’s been very frustrating for us both.   This about right for her age.  She is due for a major growth spurt and that often coincides with some major developmental shift.


I think Itty Bitty’s new interest in free style piggy back is going to suffocate me if her desire to walk down the stairs herself doesn’t give me heart failure first. She’s freakishly strong this one.    She’s also started to learn how to put her clothes back on.   She has been working on putting on her shirt–mostly backwards.  It isn’t an easy thing to figure out how to coordinate the openings.    She’s also managed to get her underwear back on with lots of effort.   She’s been able to pull them up successfully but putting them fully on is really a challenge.   The waistband stays tucked and twisted and she gives herself a mighty wedgie, but that is part of the process!


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I am 41...42...43...44, married with two children, two cats, and a dog. Writing is my hobby, and learning and teaching my passions. Books! It used to be that I could devour several books a week when I had the time. I am usually too tired to stray awake these days with two kids. Currently my brain and energy levels have steered me to casual games, writing contests, and some inconsistent blogging.

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  1. Oh my goodness I have been laughing so hard I cried and couldn’t breathe. Thank you so much for your hilarious post. My EC’d bub is only 9 months old but I can already see where we’re heading when the toddler skills kick in. Awesome post. Now to devour the rest of your blog! Thanks so much for sharing. I really needed a laugh today!!

  2. Great advice on Potty Training! I’m starting that stage with my second child, and I would like it to go more smoothly than with the first.

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