Month 26: Self-Reliance

Given the chance, they always surprise you.

How the time is flying.      I’ve mentioned in a couple of prior posts that Itty Bitty began taking to blowing her own nose, brushing her teeth (with a mommy or daddy follow-up of course), cleaning up her own waste by dumping it into the toilet.  The bottom line is that she loves to help — cook, sweep, dust, recycle, feed the cats, zipper, clip clips, and a number of things that make chores –umm–go slower.      She has gotten very deft at emptying her own potty, and if she does make a mess she tells me, “Uh oh…maydamess!”        I made the conscious effort to sit on my hands and let the girl get on with it.   Surprisingly, total misses into the toilet were rare.   I still have fingers left on one hand to count.  All I have to do now is to wipe up the sit when there is a back splash and wash the potty.       We have tile on the bathroom floor and some throw carpets.  It really was not a big deal, as the Annoying Voice was trying to tell me.    Perpetually Positive Voice just said, “Hey, look at how clean the carpets are now that they’ve been washed a couple of extra times! And that bowl sparkles.”     You know, I wish I could transfer that inner voice to the voice of my spouse so that after I’ve scrubbed the bathroom sink he’d spontaneously say, “Wow, look at those fixtures shine!”     I can dream.    *sigh*

Itty Bitty is also coming out of the bathroom with clothes on 98% rather than clothes off and I can’t remember the last time she asked me to help with her pants.  I’m just sure to buy pants that don’t require a degree in Engineering to operate.        We wee together in the morning when we get up and before we leave the house and before bed,  and occasionally she wants assistance to use the Big Toilet if she is planning on having a frightening poop, but other than that Itty Bitty is driving the cart all on her own.

What else?  One nap at 3:30 or 4:30pm and she’s ready for the night sleep between 11pm and 12am (perfect for my work schedule).    Nursing is down to 2-4 times a day (am, pm, before nap, before bed) and still none during the 8-9 hour night.   I’m confident she’ll comfort nurse until my milk comes back in after baby Gremlin arrives and may pick up a bit.   Fine for me since if she is nursing I can sit with them both and not have to chase a toddler.   Hah!    I also expect that she can help me with baby potty cues and fetching me things.   I’ve got no reason to think she’ll start peeing herself for attention–as I said before she has no conscious memory of diapers.   Oh, here is a little gem I found browsing some blogs:   Homemade piddle pads that are way cuter than the ones I made.


10/28 –  “I Did It!” – Today she started to empty potty by herself every time she goes.   Poop emptying is messy but successful.    Got to keep telling myself to let her get on with it because she really does quite well.    She empties.  Mommy wipes the minor splash, cleans the bowl, and we wash hands together.    We walk out together with a proud on.

11/1 – “Where Does She Put It!” – Daddy Man was a bit horrified (yet, proud) when we were at the mall.   I left Man and Bitty alone to pick up a pair of maternity jeans since the ones I was wearing had a big hole in them.     When I returned I was immediately told about the big, huge OMG-where-did-it -all-come-from-it-was-like-a-snake poo for Daddy in the Men’s Restroom…with no travel potty seat.  I suppose if you are going to poop for your daddy you might as well make it something for him to be in awe of.      I’m so proud of Daddy Man.    Sometimes I don’t think he truly appreciates to be one of the very few Daddies who don’t need to scrape mushy, stinky, chunky poop out of a diapered girl’s kibbles and bits.

11/3 – “Happy Halloween!” –   We had a city wide Halloween Delay due to snow so October 31st was rescheduled to November 3rd.   Really.  A snow storm in October!    We even made a snow man and put him in costume.   It cause quite a bit of damage with power lines because the snow was so heavy that it broke not only lines but raised havoc on trees all over the city.  Aftermath, clean up took a good month.   And believe it or not it was a very warm night for trick or treating — so much so that we didn’t need coats!          Anyway, Itty Bitty became Destructo Girl with her wrecking ball and cape.   She was so excited about this new “trick or treat” phrase and cool mask that her bladder got over full.    All might have been well if she hadn’t made a serious miscalculation.  She squatted to pick up a toy and…that was it — “PiP” (Pee-in-Pants).    Out came the wee and she was helpless to stop it.  She could do nothing but stand bolt upright,  spread her fabric-clung damp legs and stare.    Meh.  Not a big deal.   We changed her pants and went trick or treating.  For several nights there after she asked to go Trick-Tree and how does one explain to a 2 year old with little sense of time that it comes only once a year?  Awww.

11/6 –  “Get Along Cow Girl” – I’ve seen Itty Bitty mount her Bjorn potty via a “rear mount”.  I’ve even see the “side mount” and “step over”.     But I never though I would see creative positions on the Big Toilet.       Because Itty Bitty closes the bathroom door for privacy now (how cute is that) I don’t usually see what she is up to, but she’s not inclined to do odd things in there and the Mommy Ear is usually on (the bathroom is only a few steps from the living room and kitchen).   I hear a lot of strange noises and she’s taking an awfully long time.   I go to take a peek in the crack in the door and I see here there pooping on big potty as casual as you please — side saddle!     All the noise was her trying to place the Potette insert herself and since it wasn’t quite on right it slid a bit when she somehow mounted the toilet.    I discretely stuck my hand though the crack in the door too adjust the insert for stability then walked away.

11/15  — “Wee Hours”  —   Time:  12:30am      Mommy told Daddy, “Brush her teeth and take her to pee before you bring her up to bed.”    Sleepy mommy gets maybe 30 minutes of quite time before they come tromping up the stairs for bed and Daddy goes back downstairs for his nightly epic 3-4 hour alone time.    Two hours later DD awakens and is whining, fussing, trying to crawl on my head and saying apple over and over. Pregnobeast Mommy is irritated and just grumbles, “Stop crawling on my head!” and lays DD back down (we cosleep and my “pee button” I turned off because she just peed before bed right? Crawling on my head was her crawling stage I gotta go cue that she hasn’t used since before she was walking).    More fussing and escalation  and foul tempers and then I hear the piddle falling through the tiny crack-gap between the bed and the sidecar crib and then feel the warm wetness spreading on my flannel pajamas. Daddy was in BIG HUGE trouble. He came running up the stairs after hearing my grumble-growl of his name looking appropriately guilty and contrite. Lucky for him DD has a very strong sphincter and was able to stop the fountain and finish a massive wee in the potty.   He changed the sheets on both our mattresses, sopped up the pee on the floor, and apologized profusely to the two irritated females.

Mad Skillz

Puzzles.   I can’t say exactly when Itty Bitty figured out the  smaller Melissa and Doug puzzles quite so deftly.   She’d been working on them for quite a while at play group.  A year ago she knew that the little pieces were supposed to go into the board and tried to smash them in, once she began to recognize abstract drawings she could identify the pieces but orientation was difficult — but she could handle by herself  a very large, knobbed 3 piece puzzle about 18m or so,  and soon after was able to do the symmetrical pieces of a “shape puzzle” we have — circle, square, triangle.    Sometime around her second  birthday she could easily put together the sound animal puzzle she’d been fascinated with at playgroup and got one for her birthday.   Of course, she still tries to smash them into a puzzle base they don’t belong too — I don’t think she quite understands why the horse from puzzle A won’t ever go into the horse shape in puzzle B, or why the small shape piece  from puzzle C won’t fit nicely into another small shape base from puzzle D.       And then suddenly the puzzle pieces become cymbals, trumpets, and cookies.     The other day I noticed that she also is having a much easier time with the complex shape sorter cube she got for her first birthday (or was it the next Easter?) — she’s hunting for the right holes now and attempting the more complex shapes and when she’s done with that it becomes a buried treasure box.  Gosh, I really wish I could have that much fun and matter-of-factness exploring the world again!

Phrases and Words of the Month

Trick-Tree   (Trick or Treat)
Moon (we didn’t know she knew where it was!)
Treasure (I think she said this last month — she likes treasure shaped boxes)
Hep coo-k Peez (I want to help you cook please!)
Wher ez it (Where is it?)
Carry You/Carry Up (Pick me up,  because I always say, “You want me to carry you?”)
Dinoshore (Dinosaur)
Cheea  (Chair — took a long while to figure that out!)
Pardee (Party)
Chrunk (Trunk)
Knock door open
Keys Open Door (she likes to stick my car key in my car door)
“Good Morning To You”  (spontaneously breaks out in song)
Super (to indicate she wants to watch Super Why)
Oopsie Daisy
Peesabread (piece of bread)
Here you go!
I’m cleaning!
I found mommy/daddy/it
It’s (too) heavy/empty/hot/cold
It’s okay, don’t worry
Turn off
I fixed it!
Non-nee Kitty (naughty kitty with naughty finger wagging — when the cat(s) get into something they shouldn’t)

She is giving us directions more often.    Beginning to sing “ABC”s. and trying to mimic a lot more songs.  Ooooooo  songs are very popular with her and she gets this saucy look on her face when she sings along correctly.  She knows tons of animals and shapes, and is beginning to recognize letters.


Frankly, there are tons more words and phrases she knows but she comes out with them so often and so spontaneously that it is getting impossible to keep track.  Mostly I just say, “When did you learn that!?”


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