New Directions

Hello Long-Time followers,

untitlednlkA big thank you from the 2015 me. This was my very first blog, and I never thought even two people would bother looking at it, much less generate a very respectable number of intimate followers. Even when WordPress stopped showing it in the feed for some reason, many of you followed it on Facebook instead. I know that this blog has been long outgrown since my focus has been on my son’s journey.  However, he is coming up on three years and I just like his sister will soon no longer need my help with anything much.  Alas, there will be no future spawn to discuss an EC journey.

I am beginning to transition to a new, more general blog focusing on more topics of interest to me, Amazon reviews (good and bad), domestic tips, and other opinionated musings at Laissez Faire Life which has it own Facebook page.  . A few people now and then ask me about accessory recommendations and I am putting together reviews and lists of such products, that I will add to this blog and it’s brother blog as they come up. I may in the future, open up Q & A posts depending on what the fates throw my way.

I am turning 42 this year and I want to take a new approach to writing by focusing on broader topics, and even to feel my way around Review writing. As the children grow there is more time to take for myself. I hope you will join me this year in a new direction!


About Laissez Faire

I am 41...42...43...44, married with two children, two cats, and a dog. Writing is my hobby, and learning and teaching my passions. Books! It used to be that I could devour several books a week when I had the time. I am usually too tired to stray awake these days with two kids. Currently my brain and energy levels have steered me to casual games, writing contests, and some inconsistent blogging.

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