Make It Not Buy It #1: Hassle Free Homemade Powder Detergent

Laissez Faire

I amlazy consider my time to be more precious than to waste it on working too hard on domestics.     Green is good.  Reduce, reuse, recycle is a motto I follow to the best of my abilities, but with logic and practicality.       I’ve no interest in making liquid detergent because it requires stirring and a whole lot of inconsistency.   I’ve read the recipes out there.   I already hate laundry, I really don’t want to hate it more!  So, powder it is.

Play with the ratios as you like, there are no hard and fast rules only suggestions and a guiding hand.    I am happy with my recipe for our laundry needs. Two tablespoons per regular load is enough for us.   That’s right. Two tablespoons!  When you make your own detergent you aren’t putting in fillers and that means half of what you put in isn’t something other than…

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About Laissez Faire

I am 41...42...43...44, married with two children, two cats, and a dog. Writing is my hobby, and learning and teaching my passions. Books! It used to be that I could devour several books a week when I had the time. I am usually too tired to stray awake these days with two kids. Currently my brain and energy levels have steered me to casual games, writing contests, and some inconsistent blogging.

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