Month 27: Making Strides

The middle of this month we had three unexpected epic pee accidents three days in a row.   Just once a day on consecutive days–bursting forth in an indoor flood.

Am I worried?   No.

Not even a little bit.       If it’s one thing that potty observation and behavior modification has taught me is that each event is a learning opportunity and not something to see as a negative or setback.   It is all part of moving forward.     And it never, ever crosses my mind to pull out a diaper — in fact, the thought of doing so while I write this is quite distasteful to me.   I guess that means I’ve cured myself of the diaper crutch quite thoroughly!        Anyway, these three incidences,  are moments to reflect and to remember that Itty Bitty has quite a lot of baby still in her and is a growing, developing person.     We don’t live in nature so it is important to be fair in assessment, since if we did live outdoors, these misplaced wees wouldn’t be noticed at all.   As a culture we tend to dwell on all the “cannot” and not so much on the “can”.

I try to remember that even adults follow this “holding it” behavior.   A point in fact,  my 7 month pregnant self was sitting on the couch having to pee for an hour and I just didn’t want to get up — of course, that meant that when I decided I could wait no longer I very nearly didn’t make it.     Another morning as I passed my husband while he was getting ready for work I passively mentioned that I had to pee badly (I was doing the slightly bent at the waist, squeeze thighs while walking maneuver) and yet I walked past the bathroom attending to the morning I’m-going-to-maul-my-husband-if-he-doesn’t-pick-up-his-crap-before-he-comes-to-bed routine  (why is it so hard to fold your jeans, put your glass in the sink, and put a few toys that you spouse didn’t get to away!?).   Er…Wait, where was I?     Oh yes, I was being the House Elf — and I just ignored my need to pee.   Approximately 15-20 minutes later Daddy Man looks at me and says, “Honey, go pee.”      As soon as he said it, I suddenly felt 10 times more desperate to void my bladder.    I must have been sending out some obvious signals!

I imagine it is the same for Itty Bitty.     Her second birthday was 3 months ago and that about coincides with an expected growth spurt — albeit not as intense as the ones the first year — but still she is growing inside as well as outside.    I think we forget that the bladder and bowels grow, muscles get stronger, and new abilities emerge as new paths are laid.    Attention is split.       The girl has incredible control and volume storage and it makes sense that as she grows she tests the limits to see how far she can go, or over estimates her ability to get to the toilet at the last minute.    We all know that when your bladder is in the red and you reach a certain point — nothing you can do can stop the flow once it starts.       I think we’ve all been to the point where we’ve started peeing before our butts even touch the toilet seat.       At least twice, the reason Itty Bitty “let loose” was because when she had only a few moments to run to the bathroom with nothing to spare, she got stuck in the midst of toy Armageddon and that was that.   Niagara Falls unleashed.

She knew exactly what happened and asked for help immediately.    I tsk tsk’d with a frown and let her know that I wasn’t pleased about the mess (yes, it is okay to do that — not showing any reaction is akin it being okay and it wasn’t.  Understandable is not the same thing as okay)  and she helped me clean up.    I said:   (1st incident)  “What happened!?”,   (2nd incident)  “You waited too long again and got stuck, huh?”   and, (3rd incident) “Hey, don’t wait so long to go potty!  What a mess!”     The next day after incident 3, in the middle of the day I decided to start asking her to take a potty break with me when I thought of it.    I figured if at 38, I needed my husband to remind me to stop doing a task for a pee break that my two year old could use that gentle courtesy too.   Thus far there have been no further incidences.

Itty Bitty, I’ve said before, is nearly 100% potty independent taking care of her own pants (up and down), and emptying her own potty.    She needs help only for wiping and usually there is nothing to wipe.     However, she has asked 50% of the time this month for help to poop or pee on the big potty.  It is still too much of a workout for her to get up there on her own, so if she has it in her mind that she wants to use it she comes to us to ask.    We just go with the flow and let her make the decisions.

This potty adventure is really minimal effort.   It is the toddler personality clash with PregoBeast hormones that are harder to process!     I don’t know how Baby#2’s behavior will be, but I am hoping it will be just as seamless right from the beginning and not with the same learning curve as starting cold turkey.  And hopefully, no major sibling rivlry.

A Few Tidbits on Cozys for Cold Potty Seats

In the facebook DiaperFreeBaby group someone asked about how to deal with a cold potty.  I never had occasion to use one, but the can be useful nonetheless.

Sewing a Bjorn Potty Cozy/Turtleneck:
Bjorn Potty Cover with drawstring bottom:
Crude But Serviceable No-Sew Mat Potty Cozy:
No-Sew Potty Cozy from Old Sweatpants (can also use a T-Shirt):

Phrases of the Month:

Carpet ride?    (Daddy Man’s new game where he swings her in a blanket)
Santa Quwaz
Kissmas Tree
Kissmas Lights
Don’t worry, Igotchu
Good Night
Be Careful (When getting in her car seat)
Wait! I do it self!
Me help pease?
Oops Baby/I/Mommy/Daddy farted!
I burped. S’cuse me.
You okay?  Don’t worry.
I see soo  (I’ll see you soon)

Favorite letter and first recognized:  W


All I want for Xmas is a moment alone in the bathroom 🙂


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