Month 30: Equinox

It seems fitting that Itty Bitty turns 2 1/2 upon the equinox.   Though she is a toddler I still see the baby in her when she cries or has a meltdown and when her Social Butterfly becomes Shy Violet and she peeks out from between my legs.

I know, however, that the million dollar question this month is:  “So, has she potty regressed!?”

The answer is emphatically no.

She does want to nurse a lot more, and unfortunately I have to delay her requests a lot during the newborn crazy time, but I do try my utmost to get our cuddle sessions in 1-3 times a day.    Other than more pleas for my attention that is obviously no longer undivided, and a more sensitive crying switch, nothing has changed as far as her sleep patterns or potty habits.

I doubt it will ever occur to her to poop on the floor or in her pants on purpose because pottying has been all her own responsibility for over a year and before that it was a mutual team effort and she has no memory of wearing diapers.  She watches and sees how uncomfortable the baby gets when he wets himself and how I am teaching him to go on cue and trying to catch. She also helps to get the diapers and cloth wipes.    There have been no accidents despite increases in foul tempers in the house!  Skid marks from amateur attempts at wiping do not count as accidents.   All that fresh mommy milk makes the poop messy, and it sure does make toddlers grow like weeds.   Holy cow, the girl has grown a lot this month in length, weight and thigh circumference!

Notable Phrases of the Month

Wait a second.
Hey, take it easy.
Calm down.
It’s okay baby, I know. (referring to her new brother, mimicing me)
Me hold him?
Baby so cute!
Eww, baby frew up!  (lots of baby spit up around here!)
No wait, I go with you.
Put baby down.
Shhh.  I’m busy.
My turn?
I’m digging in the sandbox.
I berry sleep.  Take nap.
We go bouncy house tomorrow?

She can get fully dressed now except for particularly stubborn clothes and one shoe.  She requests songs I sing to her like Itsy Bitsy spider, Twinkle Twinkle, 5 Little Ducks, 5 Monkeys, and You are My Sunshine.  She also mimics hand motions and body dance moves more easily and spontaneously.   For about 2 months now she had done the Minnie Mouse “Posey Dance’ consisting of jump hops and spins.  Door knobs are no longer a challenge.

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I look at pictures from 9 months ago and am astounded at how much she has changed. She rapidly losing the baby face.


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