Month 31: Veni Vidi Vici

Welcome Spring

Let us all congratulate Itty Bitty on her conquering the lofty toilet without a step stool!    It is no longer a monumental task requiring climbing gear to get on the toilet.     Okay, sure she has to be naked from the waste down most of the time so she can mount it, but that’s splitting hairs.    She redresses herself, sometimes well and sometimes a little off kilter (a sock upside down, a shirt backwards, shoes on the wrong feet…).     If she is in a hurry she asks for assistance, if she is really in a hurry she just uses the little potty.    She hasdecided that closing the door is not worth the effort.   Of course, she’s not so Itty Bitty … she’s quite tall and lanky.

The new toilet insert she likes very much and hasn’t complained about it hurting.   In other news, she’s been nursing more and boy have her farts been foul as a portend to the messy, reeky, poops!  Yikes.      I don’t know how diapering parents can handle the daily chore of cleaning what comes out of an older toddler behind.   Not an easy or enviable job.   They’ve got it rough.     Sticky stanky stuff.  Even Itty Bitty is a little aghast.  She prefers to poop on the toilet rather than in the potty because of the mess.   Even the non messy poops don’t look like they’d be much fun smashed into a rear end.

Any signs of regression you ask?   Nope.  Not even a glimmer.  There has been absolutely no night issues, and I would have to read this blog to even pinpoint the last night miss other than the December Holiday bizarre one or the one daddy man cause a few months before that.   She’s been night continent over a year.      I have  been making sure that I involve her in pottying her brother by helping me in a small way like getting me a wipe, fresh pefold, or make the cueing sound. I still talk to her about what I am doing.   She has said a few times, “Good job baby!”  and clapped for him, particularly if I take him to wee on the toilet.   I also make it a point to apologize when I’ve been in a temper and raised my voice when I shouldn’t have (people don’t apologize for mistakes with children enough), and I try to make time for use one-on-one every day.   I want to reward her patience with following through.    I also have not stopped being a part of her pottying, I am still there to assist and remind (without hovering or being overbearing), but always let her drive.  We potty before we leave the house, before we leave a destination if it has been a long time, or I simply ask and accept the no if it is given.      It can be really hard not to forget about the little person who needs you, when you have a very needy baby demanding your every moment.     I look at Itty Bitty and I am so proud and thankful for her nature.  She maybe a little destructo when tired, quicker to shed tears these days, and contrary at times, but she is equally nurturing, helpful, and loving.   This  big change can’t be easy for her, but she has adapted beautifully thus far.

3-6 Month Infant Skirt...Really

Itty Bitty had two mishaps this month.   One she was standing AT the bathroom door in a puddle of pee and she was so upset she was crying for me.    I had reminded her to go to the bathroom a half an hour earlier but she either forgot or miscalculated the amount of time needed to take care of both insert and pants.    I patted her sweaty head, kissed her tears, as I lifted her on the toilet to finish her business.    I don’t really count this as a miss, more of a timing error.  You decide!     The other mishap was tonight and totally my fault.  I was taking a much deserved, long shower and I had the door closed tight.   Itty Bitty pounded on the door and I misjudged the intent (we have only one bathroom).  When I opened the door the poor thing was standing with butt out and thighs clenched desperately holding in a Messy Poo.  Her face was a bit distressed and she was able to say, “I need to poo poo.” quite calmly.    I helped her out and there was a very small skid mark on her underwear, hardly noteworthy especially considering what she had been keeping at bay.   She has incredible control and a strong desire to be clean.    That’s my girl!

Speaking of underwear.  Itty Bitty is now tall enough to help herself to the underwear on the shelf, in the linen closet next to the bathroom where I store them.   Yes, she can handle most door knobs quite well.   So well now in fact, that we’ve had to have a little chat about not opening doors without Mommy or Daddy present.  Particularly the doors to outside and the cellar.    For the most part she’s been amiable.

For those with baby girls and you have gotten outfits with elastic waist skirts that are highly impractical for crawlers, save them.  Your slender 2 year old (or younger walker) without diaper bulk can wear them.    (picture soon)

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Quotes of the Month:
“That’s great!   Let’s get going.”
Chipannee (Chimpanzee)
Please let me help you, I’ll go with you.
I ride back for you. (asking for a piggy back.  I think she’s said that for three months now though)
See-whoa-whoa with ahmend mewk (cereal with almond milk)


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