Month 35: Beach Trifecta

Our fifth anniversary was this year and we went back to the same beach for the weekend in Gloucester, MA (Wingaershek Beach and Good Harbor) that we went to for the last two years (Diaper Free at the Beach and Beach Redux).

Itty Bitty had a grand time playing with what she called “the goose” (seagulls) and we named the relentless pursuit Beach Geese Bowling.   Daddy Man was run through the ringer and was exhausted from all the physical activity.   Unlike other years, it wasn’t oppressively hot so the water and ambient temperature were very pleasant.  I spent a lot of time in the water with Mini Moose.   You can read about the daily details of our beach bum days on Little Brother’s potty blog starting here.

Chasing “Beach Geese”

We set up camp much closer to the beach public facilities this year and I remembered to bring the little potty this time and a storage container to make it more pleasant to carry to the loo.  Even though Itty Bitty doesn’t need the little potty, I encouraged her to use it in our sun tent so she didn’t have to contend with the walk with a full bladder.  I wanted to set her up for success and make it easier on myself sincev Mini Moose is still so little.    I encourage my EC peers to not be afraid to travel with EC babies.  I find that catching during outings easier than in the house.   I don’t know if it is the activity, the mental clarity, the fresh air, or proximity to Mother Nature — but it has an effect!

Fun and Fancy Free

Itty Bitty has had no mishaps this month.   My only role is still “messy poop butt wiper” ad soon she will not call upon me even for that.  She still stays dry all night with no potty breaks needed which is on average 8-10 hours, but up to 13 hours!  We are cosleeping and she does stir in the night and resumes slumber after checking for me and plastering herself against my back, so it isn’t a coma-like sleep.    She usually uses the big toilet preferentially without the insert unless she decides she’ll be there a while and wants to be comfortable.   She uses the little potty once in a while and empties it as always.   If her underwear is dirty from a wiping mishap she puts it in the hamper and helps herself to the underwear on the shelf (I think I mentioned that some time ago that once she learned to use door knobs and was tall enough she no longer needed me to get her underwear — there is a closet by the bathroom which is where I keep underwear, socks, and cloths).

Other Non Potty Notables:

Little Brother in a cute Imse Vimse Cloth Swim Diaper

At the beginning of the summer, Itty Bitty was just an inch too short in the legs to use the tricycles we had for her and couldn’t quite manage them  very well.  Now she can touch the pedals without effort.    I am both happy and pouty — I’m sure you parents understand!

She has been practicing brushing her own teeth for the past year and has gotten quite good, though she has trouble still with the motion for brushing the surface of the molars and can’t get behind the tooth surfaces.   Our next dentist appointment she will have her first cleaning since she did so well at our last “look and see” visit.

Itty Bitty and fit right into her role as Big Sister.   Perhaps, with a bit more enthusiasm than I expected and that presents a total opposite set of issues such as how to help her to give her brother space.  I was prepared for rivalry, not smothering!   Hah!    At first I resisted, but decided it was better to embrace the love and let her hold him for short times while sitting even when he was newborn, and then later show her how to properly pick up Mini Moose when he was strong.  He loves it when she picks him up.  Go figure!    Itty Bitty also enjoys wiping up spit up from his face.     They have toy “arguments”, of course, and for some reason she wants to ride him like a horse.  We don’t expect perfection around here — it’s a process!


Can you believe Itty Bitty will be THREE next month!?


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